Period Reproductions and Restorations

Welcome to our gallery of early 19th century lighting. There are a number of topics of interest that are related to these fascinating lamps and you can read more about each by clicking on any of the underlined topics that are listed under the photographs and classification box below. We think that you will find the information to be interesting, educational, and at times a bit humorous. You are invited to get in touch with any questions and comments and please visit our site again as it is under constant revision when new products are added.

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Solar Bracket Lamp

Woburn Argand Bracket Lamp

Solar 3 and 4-Burner Chandeliers

Solar Pendant

Solar Pendant Chandelier

Solar Harp Lamp
(with shade)

Annular Chandelier

Argand Annular Chandelier

Argand Four-burner Chandelier

Argand Three-burner Chandelier

Argand Three-burner Chandelier

Argand Side Lamp

Solar Wall Sconce

Student Lamp

"Artificial Illumination"
Webster's Encyclopedia - 1845

Argand Table Lamp


Please click HERE to view Suggested Reference Materials that relate to Argand, solar, and sinumbra lighting and other pertinent topics.

Reproduction Lighting Fixture Classification

The abbreviation that denotes the classification of each lighting fixture is found as part of the product number. For example, 'AR' in A-102-AR indicates that this piece is an authentic reproduction.

AR: Authentic Reproductions, designated by 'AR', are exact copies of an authentic, original piece that may be found in a museum or private collection. The original must be in hand so that accurate measurements can be made and construction methods studied.

PAR: Patterned After Reproductions, designated by 'PAR', are developed from photographs of an original piece and at times from an original piece that is in hand. While they will closely resemble the original, there may be slight differences in dimensions, construction methods, and in some cases certain elements may be redesigned. Refer to Researching and Developing a Reproduction in the topic list below.

UD: Unique Designs, designated by 'UD', are pieces of my own creation that reflect the influence of similar period pieces and early American design.



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