Period Reproductions and Restorations

So that work on your restoration, remodeling project, or new construction will flow smoothly from start to finish, I suggest that you finalize details about your lighting plan before work is started. Some things to address include the type of lighting that is desired for various areas, illumination levels required, location of fixtures and switches, and when delivery of fixtures will be required for installation.

Consider: Will it be desirable to be able to operate a particular lamp or lamps from two or three locations? Will you want dimmer controls installed for some or all of your lighting? Electrical boxes that support a heavy chandelier need to be properly secured. Decisions about the method of mounting - use of a canopy, suspension using chain or rod, flush mount, type of finish, etc. should all be made and finalized at the very start. If all of these issues are resolved prior to the start of work, you will save yourself the stress and inconvenience of having to deal with last-minute problems that can be both time consuming and costly to correct.

Fixtures supplied by JP-Tinsmith are usually made to order - it is unusual to have any fixtures available for immediate shipment. So, the last big reason why it is important to plan ahead is that the earliest date of shipment can vary anywhere from as little as several weeks to six months - or more. Please, get in touch early so that we can discuss not only your schedule, but also important details regarding information your carpenter and electrician will need to know in order to keep work flowing smoothly and on-time. Thank you and I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.




Prior to making any returns, authorization must be obtained within five business days of receiving an order by calling 1-315-853-1444. Note that shipping and handling costs are not refunded and that there is a 10% re-stocking fee. Returned items must be in resalable condition and free of fingerprints, marring, and scratches. Items must be wrapped and packed
exactly as they were when received - wrapped snugly in tissue paper and then bubble wrap, and packed with enough packing material so that they do not jostle around in the box. Thank you for your attention to these details.


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