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Woburn Argand Bracket Lamp

Woburn Argand Bracket Lamp

This fixture is so named out of respect to the most generous Englishman who loaned various parts of his lamp for casting purposes. I am uncertain as to the provenance of the lamp however it sports a marker indicating that it was made by The Lampmaker to the Queen; perhaps it was sold prior to the restoration of Woburn Abby that was undertaken by the Duke of Bedford in the mid 1950's. While the design of this reproduction strays from that of the original lamp it is consistent with designs that are illustrated in early manufacturer's catalogs.

This lamp is available with various modifications which was typical of practices in the period. Some variations include wall plates, finials, fonts, gussets, drip cups, oil feed tubes, and of course chimneys and shades along with their holders. Bracket lamps were available with a fixed font column or one that swiveled - the second row of photographs below illustrate this. This fixture represents the first design - modifications will be pictured as they become available. Please feel free to inquire about variations.

The fixture extends out from the wall a maximum of 14-1/2 inches to the outer edge of the shade. The height measured from the bottom of the wall plate to the top of the finial is 12 inches and the maximum diameter of the font is 6 inches. These dimensions will vary slightly depending upon the choice of some of the elements noted above.

The lamp is constructed from cast, spun, and machined brass parts; on electrified models the wires are obscured from view since they are run through a wire way that has been carefully drilled through the cast arm that is attached to the wall plate. The fixture weighs approximately 6 pounds and comes with the necessary hardware to secure it to the electrical box so that the box is hidden from view.

Pricing varies with choices of various elements. The price noted below is for the fixture as pictured. Please call for pricing on oil-burning fixtures.

ABL-1-UD Argand Bracket Lamp - electrified


ABL-2-UD Argand Bracket Lamp with chimney/shade – electrified



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