Period Reproductions and Restorations

Solar 3-Burner Chandelier

Solar 4-Burner Chandelier

These solar chandeliers are copied from a circa 1845 3-burner fixture that was purchased for reproduction purposes. The spun parts have been carefully reproduced and the gracefully shaped arms, canopy, and finial have been reproduced using lost-wax casting methods. While none of the chain survived with the original chandelier, appropriately sized links and rings have been used on these two reproductions. Note that two different chains links are available and that they can be used on either fixture - the link shown on the 3-burner fixture is a decorative casting and the link shown on the 4-burner fixture is a simple rectangular stamping with angled corners. These links and rings are reproduced from period examples and they are correct for use on these chandeliers.

The finish, with contrasting dark patination and bright banding, lends the chandeliers a stately, elegant simplicity. The 3-burner chandelier hangs in the Federal Hill mansion at My Old Kentucky Home State Park and the 4-burner version hangs in the central corridor of the Greek revival courthouse in Clinton, Louisiana.

These chandeliers can be supplied either as electrified or oil-burning fixtures. The overall height is 35" and the diameter, including shades, measures 33". Photographs at the bottom of this page show these fixtures with cut shades which are available at a slight additional charge.

A-103-1-AR Solar 3-Burner Chandelier, electrified


A-103-2-AR Solar 3-Burner Chandelier, oil-burning


A-103-3-UD Solar 4-Burner Chandelier, electrified


A-103-4-UD Solar 4-Burner Chandelier, oil-burning


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