Period Reproductions and Restorations

This gallery displays work that has been done for various individuals, museums, and institutions. It is intended to showcase my level of craftsmanship, the attention that is paid to detail, and the wide variety of work that I can do. Commissions that meet certain criteria are accepted; if you are planning or working on a project, large or small, I would be pleased to have the opportunity to review it with you.

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The Farmers' Museum
Cooperstown, NY


More House, Circa 1817    The Farmers' Museum
Cooperstown, NY

More House, Farmer's Museum

London Street Lamp

London Street Lamp

Separate Prison, Port Arthur Historic Site
Tasmania, Australia

National Park Service
- Lighting -

Argand Student Lamp

East Feliciana Parish Courthouse
Clinton, Louisiana

United States Department of Agriculture

Rouge Can

Federal Hill, My Old Kentucky Home State Park
Bardstown, Kentucky

Fort Washington Park, Fort Washington, MD
United States National Park Service

Note: All dimensions for tinware are measured at the largest point and do not include handles or spouts. The order in which the dimensions are listed for round tinware such as chandeliers, mugs, and scoops is the diameter followed by the height or width (Dia x H/W). Dimensions for all other tinware are listed in the order width, depth, height (W x D x H). Width is measured from side to side, depth is measured from front to back, and height is measured from top to bottom.

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