Period Reproductions and Restorations

East Feliciana Parish Courthouse
Clinton, Louisiana

A marker in front of the East Feliciana Parish Courthouse located in Clinton, Louisiana states "This courthouse, built in 1840, is one of the architectural treasures of the state. The present building replaced a wooden courthouse that dated from 1825-26, which burned in March, 1839. This is one of the oldest courthouses in Louisiana which is still in daily use." The two story Greek Revival structure, surrounded by a Doric colonnade, is located in the center of the town's public square. The masonry walls and columns are plastered and painted white and the roof is topped with a domed, octagonal cupola.

On the ground floor, a large central corridor extends from the front to the rear of the courthouse; the corridor is flanked by two large rooms. These reproduction fixtures have been shipped and are to be installed as part of a significant restoration project. The Solar 4-Burner Chandelier hangs in the corridor and two of the Solar Bracket Lamps are attached to the corridor walls.

Courthouse photo history and attribution: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license. Description: East Feliciana Parish Courthouse, circa 1840, Greek Revival style courthouse, Clinton, Louisiana, USA; Date: August 13, 2006; Source: Own work; Author: Galen Parks Smith (Gsmith)


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