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The tinderbox, an essential item in every early home, afforded a relatively easy way to start a fire. With the charcloth (pieces of charred linen) and tinder (any dry material) placed in the base of the tinderbox, the flint (hard rock) and steel were struck together to produce a spark, which, upon falling on the charcloth, would start it to smolder. With judicious fanning, the smoldering charcloth would in turn ignite the tinder. The candle would then be lit and the fire extinguished using the round tin damping disc. The tinderbox was also used as a candleholder, often placed on the mantel over the fireplace. Heat from the fire kept the tinder dry.

L-113-PAR Tinderbox only - 4 ½”Dia x 3 ½”H


The tinderbox is the first offering in the series Home and Hearth in the 1800’s and provides a hands-on experience to re-enact a small segment of life in early America. Identical to the tinderbox listed above, this one comes with all the materials that you will
need to kindle a flame – flint, hand-forged steel striker, charcloth, tinder, and candle. Detailed instructions and historical notes are also included.

H-101-PAR Tinderbox with accessories included - 4 ½”Dia x 3 ½”H


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