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Teapot, Candlestick, One-sheet Waiter

Teapot, Candlestick, One-sheet Waiter

Teapots such as this one of American design were common. All are quite similar differing mainly in the style of the knob on the hinged cover - knob variations ranged from one to three rings. This design is no doubt patterned after English teapots, one of which has an unhinged top that is capped with a white-metal acorn finial and a handle with a thumb rest and brace. Many American teapots were decorated. Water for tea would have been boiled in another container - the teapot being used only for steeping and serving. This teapot, soldered with lead-free solder, is safe to use.

K-111-PAR American Teapot 4 1/2"W x 3 1/4"D x 4 1/2"H


American Teapot

American Teapot

The candlestick is typical of many early ones often referred to as hogscraper candlesticks. It was made to be used in one place rather than carried about; there would have been less guttering of the candle and so the narrow rim around the candle socket was adequate to catch the dripping tallow. A hook was sometimes incorporated in the rim of the drip cup so that the candlestick could be hung on the back of a ladderback chair to provide light over the shoulder for reading. The 'push-up' in the stem aided in the removal of the candle stub.

L-107-PAR Candlestick 4"Dia. x 5"H



Trays were commonly called 'waiters' - this particular one a coffin-lid waiter or coffin tray - so named because its shape closely resembled that of early coffins. In the 1700's tinplate was made in sheets that measured ten by fourteen inches. A one-sheet waiter was made from a single sheet of tinplate and a two-sheet waiter was made from two sheets that were seamed together. Quarter- and half-sheet waiters were also made.

K-109A-PAR One-sheet Waiter 12 1/2"W x 8 1/2"D x 3/4"H


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