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Shaving Mug and Comb Holder

Shaving Mug and Comb Holder

Both of these pieces offer numerous decorating possibilities. You might use the comb holder to display antique combs or a small period photograph, jewelry, or a lady’s handkerchief. The shaving mug, along with an old brush, soap, and razor, and perhaps some dried flowers, would add an attractive decorative touch to a bathroom.

Tin shaving mugs (left) were common from the early 1800s through the Civil War era. A hole at the base of the compartment on the side of the cup allowed water to drain and enabled the bar of soap that was stored in the compartment to stay dry. Some mugs
came with a shallow cup that fit into the top of the mug and held a round cake of soap.

M-128-AR Shaving Mug 3”Dia x 4”H


A comb holder was used to hold ladies’ straight hair combs. Made from wood and the horns of cattle, combs attracted the attention of mice making it necessary to store them out of their reach. Although some references identify this comb holder as a match safe,
the Dover Stamping Co. catalog (1869) lists it as a comb holder. While they may have been used as a match safe, match safes were generally made with a hinged cover to protect the matches from errant sparks. A hand-forged nail is included with the comb

M-101-PAR Comb Holder 4 ½”W x 1 ½”D x 7 ½”H


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