Period Reproductions and Restorations

(left to right)
Country Scoop, Common Scoop, Pieced Scoop - large, Pieced Scoop - small

The country scoop (far left) is an authentic reproduction of what was probably a one-of-a-kind scoop. It is simply constructed; the hole in the rear of the body is covered by an extension of the handle. Made for right-handed people, the handle is purposely offset for natural motion and less stress to the hand and wrist. Ergonomic design is not a new concept.

K-129-AR Country Scoop 2 1/4"Dia. x 5 1/2" long


While many of the common scoops (pictured in the bowl) were made from machine- stamped pieces, these are completely handcrafted. Their simple design allows for relatively quick assembly. In the 1800's each would have sold for ten cents. A small common scoop (not pictured) is also available.

K-124-UD Common Scoop - small 2"Dia. x 2 1/2" long


K-124A-UD Common Scoop - large 2 1/4"Dia. x 3" long


The rugged construction of the pieced scoops (right) is more complex than that of the common scoop; the body is made from two pieces that are lock-seamed and soldered together. The large scoop is an authentic reproduction while the smaller is a scaled-down version.

K-125-UD Pieced Scoop - small 2 1/4"Dia. x 2 1/2" long


K-125A-AR Pieced Scoop - large 3" Dia. x 3 1/2" long


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