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August 30, 2003
Dear Friends,
There is not a great deal of news to relate, but what has developed since the last newsletter is well worth reporting. In the January Newsletter I reported that the Argand lamps would be available as oil-burning fixtures by spring and that is indeed the case. All of the reproduction Argand and solar lamps are now available either electrified or oil-burning.
The Argand Three-burner Chandelier is now available. This brings the number of reproduction lamps that are available to four: the Argand Student Lamp, Argand Annular Chandelier, Argand Three-burner Chandelier, and the Solar Pendant Chandelier. The first Argand Three-burner Chandelier was shipped to the Friends of the Dr. Richard Eells House in Quincy, Illinois several weeks ago. The chandelier is available both electrified and oil burning. The electrified chandelier can be ordered with or without a combination on-off/dimmer switch that is mounted inside the oil distribution tank. The knob for the switch can be seen at the bottom of the tank – it is
New solar shade profile; Clockwise from top left: Argand side lamp, solar wall sconce, Argand 4-burner chandelier, Solar harp chandelier, solar wall sconce, solar 4-burner chandelier. Photographs of the solar table lamp, the solar wall sconces, and the solar harp chandelier are courtesy of Dr. Gerald Gowitt and are reproduced with permission from his book 19th Century Elegant Lighting.

disguised as a small brass finial. The photograph shows the chandelier finished in Hunter Green with red striping. It is also available in opaque Prussian blue with red striping, mustard yellow with black striping, and red with yellow striping. Overall height of the chandelier is 29” and the diameter at the largest point is 22 ½”. Pricing is as follows: electrified - $1,895; electrified with on-off/dimmer switch - $1,995; oil burning - $2,095.00.
Over the course of the past two or so years, after spending much time and money, I have discovered the techniques and materials used to accurately reproduce the gold-gilt lacquered and dark patinated finishes on early 19th century Argand, solar, and sinumbra lighting fixtures. I am very excited about this development for it will allow me to reproduce lamps that are authentic in every way. Also, I will be able to expand my services to include refinishing original period lamps along with the burner restoration work that I currently do. It would be remiss not to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to the individuals who so generously shared their knowledge and time to help me in this endeavor; success would have been impossible without their valuable input, encouragement, and support. I am currently working on setting up a new finishing room with the necessary equipment needed to reproduce these finishes; it should be ready by early January.
The last bit of news is in the reproduction glass department. First, another solar spherical shade (inside frost, no decorative cutting) with a profile like that in the photograph on the other side is now available. After a great expenditure of time, effort, and money we (mainly the glassblower) have been able to develop a method to blow shades that are accurately and consistently faithful to a particular pattern or shape. We plan to reproduce several different Argand shades and also sinumbra shades and initial work on these has been very encouraging. I also have reproduction chimneys available for the Harvard and Moehring burners that were manufactured by Plume and Atwood. These chimneys are made using Pyrex type glass so they can be used safely; they are $41.95 each plus shipping - deduct 10% for quantities of 12 or more pieces.
What’s ahead? There are a lot of projects on the drawing board: several different solar wall sconces, a solar harp chandelier, an Argand side lamp, an Argand four-burner chandelier, and lastly, a solar four-burner chandelier. Some initial work has been done on all of these fixtures; there has been quite a bit of interest in the Argand four-burner chandelier and the Argand side lamp and I plan to start work on them at the end of the year.
Our show schedule for 2004 will start off in late January with the Greater Philadelphia Historic Home Show that is held in conjunction with the Designer Craftsmen Show at the Valley Forge Convention Center, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. A brochure with show details is enclosed. I look forward to meeting those of you who will be able to attend.
As always, I look forward to hearing from you with any comments, questions, and last but not least, orders. Check our website at from time to time for updates regarding new developments.
Sincerely yours,
Joel Paradis

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