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Tin drinking cups ranged in size from tiny ones made for children as toys, to utilitarian, large cups such as those carried by the Revolutionary War soldiers. Cups, unlike most measures, had parallel sides and equal top and bottom diameters. The medium and large cups are typical of many early ones; the small cup might have been either a baby’s cup or a child’s toy. These cups are crafted using lead-free solder and are safe to use. They can be monogrammed with one, two, or three hand-punched period style letters as seen on the napkin rings shown in this gallery.

K-116C-PAR Cup (small) 2 ¼”Dia x 1 ½”H


K-116C1-PAR Cup (medium) 3”Dia x 2”H


K-116C2-PAR Cup (large) 3 ¾”Dia x 2 ½”H


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