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Copper Lantern

Copper Lantern

This circa 1850 lantern is patterned after a period manufactured original. The D-rings indicate that it was made to be used as a wall lamp, however, the handle allowed for its use as a hand lantern as well. Made from copper, it will develop a beautiful patina and is well suited for outdoor use. Although the style of the burner used on the kerosene lamp supplied with the lantern dates its use to a period after 1870, the design of the lantern could easily date back to the early 1800’s. At that time candles would have been used as a light source, these being replaced with oil and then kerosene as improvements in lighting technology evolved.

The lantern's size is such that it is well proportioned for use on both small and large sized homes. These lanterns have also been used to compliment various interior decorating designs. The lanterns front door is hinged to allow for easy access to the
reproduction kerosene lamp. The tin reflector adds to the lantern's attractiveness and illumination capabilities. Available either electrified or equipped to burn kerosene or lamp oil, the lamp font is made from brass with either a bright brass, painted, or dark patinated and lacquered finish. Add $80 for painted or lacquered finishes.

All of the kerosene lamp fittings are solid brass and electrified lamps are wired using UL approved components in accordance with national codes. Although design and construction details vary little from those of the original, our stringent classification standards require that this reproduction be listed as a unique design.

L-135-UD Copper Lantern 10”W x 8”D x 17”H


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