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Below are comments that we have received from some of our clients. Few items in our product line are inexpensive, and since in most instances it is impractical to see things in person, these comments have been included here with the thought that they might help you decide if JP-Tinsmith is the sort of company with which you would feel comfortable doing business. We are always more than willing to discuss any questions that you might have in this regard.
"The package arrived today! The shades and holders arrived in great condition and the fit [of the custom-machined chimney/shade holders] is perfect. The lamps finally look the way they were meant too, and I couldn't be more pleased! Thanks for everything; it certainly has been a pleasure working with you on this project. I have a couple of solar lamps I might decide to have work done to someday - if so, I will definitely be in contact with you."
Dale Johnson, Wisconsin
- - - - -
"We arrived today with our lamp [a restored oil-burning table lamp] and opened the box. We put the lamp together and it is simply beautiful. It is really stunning. We have placed the lamp in our South parlor and it looks very good indeed on our center table. It looks so good that we now want to add a lamp to the adjoining parlor (the North Parlor) - to its center table. Thank you for an incredibly beautiful lamp."

Jim and Simonne Theiss
- - - - -
"The lamp [solar hanging harp lamp] is hung and looks great. I enjoy the process of hanging the lamp as it really allows me to admire and more fully appreciate your precise metalworking skills. My wife likes the lamp as well. This is quite a complement as she seldom agrees with my tastes! She liked the first lamp I bought (Argand 3-burner) from you also, so you are two for two my friend! Thanks Joel."
Kenneth Dunne, VA
- - - - -
"I picked up the lamp this morning. All was in order and nothing harmed in the shipping. Great packing job and what a lamp! It really looks beautiful. I lit the lamp last night for the first time. It worked flawlessly and once lit it was fairly self-explanatory. I am very happy with the function. I am extremely pleased with your work and the fact that I now own probably one of merely a handful of working Cornelius solar lamps in Virginia makes me very proud."
Justin Schauer
- - - - -
"Thank you for supplying the replacement parts for the solar lamps, and for your first class craftsmanship. As you know, I’m one of the few folks who still burn solar and Argand lamps at home as a source of light and warmth. The restored lamps work beautifully, and your chimneys and shades look beautiful as well. Since they’re made with Pyrex glass, I can use them without worry of cracking. Much obliged!"
David Lauer
- - - - -
"I'm happy to report that our dining room project is complete and your [Argand 4-burner] chandelier is the crowning jewel! It is the wonder of all who see it. The house is open for tours from time to time and we will be certain to share your contact information with everyone interested in your work. It is so rare to find individuals like you with such a commitment to both the artistry and scholarship of your craft. Please keep us posted on your new work including the table and mantle lamps."
Simonne and Jim Theiss
- - - - -
"Attached are a few pictures of the Argand 4-burner chandelier hanging in the hallway. It has been well received and a point of great discussion when the docents describe how it worked in the old days. Joel, you are a true craftsman and historian. The Iles House thanks you for doing such a beautiful job in recreating a chandelier that is appropriate for this 1840’s house."
Dick Hart, board member, Elijah Iles House, Springfield, Illinois
- - - - -
"Perhaps you remember that Audrey and I purchased from you the painted oil-burning version of the Argand annular chandelier. It hangs outside our lamp room and presents a marvelous entrance. Now, you have out-done yourself! The pair of brass electrified lanterns with reflectors which you fabricated to our specifications for the front of our 1810 house, are beyond our expectations. The workmanship and attention to detail prove that you are a master of your craft."
Peter and Audrey Gregory
Antique Lighting
The Gatehouse, Morris, NY

- - - - -
"The solar lights [Solar 3-Burner Chandelier and Solar Pendant Chandelier] are just to die for. We installed them Wednesday and everything was packed great and went up like a dream; you could not have done a better job. 1000% satisfied. We are starting a small house in Indiana and I think they are going to need some lighting so I will stay in touch. Thank you."
Kevin Hereford
Restoration consultant; My Old Kentucky Home State Park mansion restoration
- - - - -

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