Period Reproductions and Restorations

Brass Wall Lantern

This lantern is patterned after a style that dates back to the 1700's. It is constructed using brass so it is well suited for outdoor use. Use of restoration glass which is included at no extra charge gives these lanterns an authentic, period appearance. The brass bulls-eye reflector is lacquered to prevent tarnishing; the balance of the lantern is not lacquered so that it will develop a rich, natural patina. The door on the front is operable so the bulb can be easily changed.

Installation is made easy by use of a plate (see the bottom two photographs) that is to be attached to a standard electrical box; once the wires are connected and the plate attached to the box, the lantern is slipped onto the post that is attached to the plate. Tightening two set-screws firmly holds the lantern in place. Dimensions are as follows: overall height 19-1/2", width 9", and depth, measured from the wall to the outer most part of the lantern, is 9-7/8".

L-140-UD     Brass Wall Lantern


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