Period Reproductions and Restorations

(Left-to-right) Spiral, Hanging Star, Tin-sel, Miniature Cornucopia, and Garland (above)

Spiral Ornaments

The Spiral Ornaments come in two sizes. The smaller measures about 1 3/4" long and is ideal for feather and tabletop trees. The larger spiral ornament is about 3 1/2" long. Both sizes are packaged in a clear-top gift box.

SP-1 Spiral Ornament - small, 6 per box


SP-2 Spiral Ornament - large, 3 per box


Hanging Star Ornaments

The Hanging Star Ornament is available in five sizes and with either a plain, bright, shiny finish or painted with red, green, or blue decoration. The three smaller sizes (SM-1, SM-2, & S-1) are ideal for feather or tabletop trees while the three largest sizes go nicely on full size trees. The measurement noted for each size is the distance from point to point. Stars are packaged in a clear bag, one per package.

SM-1 Hanging Star Ornament - 1 7/8"

plain $5.50, decorated $7.50

SM-2 Hanging Star Ornament - 2 1/8"

plain $5.50, decorated $7.50

S-1 Hanging Star Ornament - 2 3/8"

plain $5.50, decorated $7.50

S-2 Hanging Star Ornament - 3 1/8"

plain $6.00, decorated $8.00

S-3 Hanging Star Ornament - 4"

plain $6.50, decorated $8.50


Tin-sel comes in five sizes, hangs from a preformed hook, and is tapered. It has a bright, shiny finish. The three smallest (T-M, T-3, & T-4) are well suited for feather and tabletop trees while the three largest (T-4, T-6, & T-7) are good for full size trees. Hanging shorter Tin-sel, for example T-4,at the top and longer, T-6, toward the bottom makes for a nice look. Tin-sel can be hung with the hook or the hook can be pinched shut and hung with colored string such as floss used for embroidery. Also available is straight, non-tapered Tin-sel (ST-7). It comes in one size only and is packaged with red string for hanging. All of the Tin-sel is packaged in a clear bag, 10 pieces per bag.

T-M Tin-sel 1 5/8"


T-3 Tin-sel 2 3/4"


T-4 Tin-sel 3 1/2"


T-6 Tin-sel 5 1/2"


T-7 Tin-sel 6 3/8"


ST-7 Tin-sel 7 7/8"


Miniature Cornucopias

The miniature cornucopias are available in three sizes and all of them are sized for feather and tabletop trees. The largest, CM-3, is attractive on full-size trees and make a colorful addition when filled with colored M&M's. The cornucopias come with red ribbons.

CM-1 Miniature Cornucopia 1 5/8" high, each


CM-2 Miniature Cornucopia 2" high, each


CM-3 Miniature Cornucopia 2 3/8" high, each



The garlands, or chains, are available in three sizes. The two smallest (G-1 and G-2) are sized for feather and tabletop trees while the two largest go well on full-size trees. They can be displayed on the tree in a number of ways: in the traditional way with a number of tiers going round and round, cutting several lengths in half and placing them on different portions of the tree, hanging them so that they fall straight down from top to bottom, and also by hanging three or four lengths like a swag on different parts of the tree. Dimensions indicate the diameter of the rings.

G-1 Garland - small 7/16", 3' long


G-2 Garland - medium 5/8", 4' long


G-3 Garland - large 1 1/8", 4' long


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