Period Reproductions and Restorations

Chandelier - circa 1825


This chandelier is patterned after one on display in the Tap Room of Clinton Inn at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan. Primarily used to illuminate churches, taverns, and other public meeting places, chandeliers were seldom used in private homes except those of the wealthy. While brass and glass chandeliers were imported, those made of tinplate or tinplate and wood were usually crafted in this country.

A chandelier using five or six candles gives off a surprising amount of light and exudes a warmth, a touch of elegance and an atmosphere that is impossible to match with an electrified chandelier. If more light is required, consider using other sources of subdued artificial lighting in the room or from adjacent rooms.

L-118-PAR Chandelier - original 28" Dia. x 19" H


L-118A-UD Chandelier - original with six candle arms


Chandelier - adaptation

This chandelier is very similar to the original version. It has six candle arms. A reverse, smaller, reproduction of the top portion of the chandelier gives this adaptation a more stylish appearance.

L-119-UD Chandelier - adaptation 28"Dia. x 20"H


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