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Kerosene Lamps

Kerosene Lamps

As lighting technology progressed, it was common to see some carryover of design from one phase to the next. Such is the case with these kerosene lamps. As with earlier whale oil lamps, these kerosene lamps are available as a shaded reading or student lamp (left), a wall-hung lamp which is removable from the wall bracket and can also be used as a portable lamp (center), and a portable lamp (right). All are available with either a simple flat-top font or oil reservoir (center lamp) or a more stylish raised or domed-top font (left and right lamps). The shade and bracket, wall hanger and reflector, and different oil fonts all typify design of earlier period oil and kerosene lamps. These lamps could date back to the early 1870's.

All of these lamps are crafted using solid brass burners, collars and fittings. They are functional as well as decorative and use either kerosene or oderless lamp oil which is available at most hardware stores. They come complete with wicks and chimneys.

L-131F-UD Student Lamp - flat-top font 7"Dia. x 14"H


L-131R-UD Student Lamp - raised-top font


L-132F-UD Wall Lamp - flat-top font 5"Dia. x 6"D x 14"H


L-132R-UD Wall Lamp - raised-top font


L-133F-UD Portable Lamp - flat-top font 4 1/2"Dia. x 14"H


L-133R-UD Portable Lamp - raised-top font


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